Guide: How To Participate In the IDOs On TronPad

How to obtain your tier and participate in an IDO

  1. Decide on a tier and buy your $TRONPAD tokens. To do this, visit the TronPad website and use the official link for JustSwap. Please note: to qualify for the lottery tier, a minimum of 15,000 $TRONPAD tokens is required, whereas a minimum of 50,000 $TRONPAD tokens is required for the guaranteed tier.
  2. Stake your $TRONPAD tokens at least 3 hours before the IDO. To do this, visit the TronPad staking platform.
  3. Pass the one-time KYC process. KYC verified users see a green KYC button on the TronPad website and will have received an approval email from our KYC partner KYCAID. Please note: tiers must KYC at least 24 hours before the IDO and stake a minimum of 15,000 or 50,000 $TRONPAD tokens for the lottery and the guaranteed tier, respectively.



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