Introducing MetaVPad: The Future of the Internet Starts Here

6 min readDec 9, 2021

MetaVPad is an upcoming cross-chain launchpad for Metaverse projects. It aims to democratize access to the protocols, products, and services that will form the backbone for the next generation of the internet, allowing users to become among the earliest pioneers and trailblazers in this promising new landscape.

Whether it’s new virtual worlds, interoperability protocols, digital identity solutions, persistent digital avatars, gamified DeFi protocols, Web3 technologies, or something else completely out of the box, MetaVPad is here to provide high quality Metaverse-centric projects with the resources they need to thrive.

IDO: Friday, December 10th, 2021

Public Sale Token Price: $0.001

Staking Eligibility Deadline: Friday, December 10th, 5 AM UTC

Allocation Round Opens: Friday, December 10th, 9 AM UTC

First come First serve rounds: Friday, December 10th








#GameZone: 2.10 PM UTC

DEX listing times: Friday, December 10th

  • PancakeSwap: 3PM UTC
  • WagyuSwap: 3.30PM UTC
  • UniSwap: 4PM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 5,000,000,000 $METAV

16% Public Sale: Wednesday, December 8th

Circulating Supply at Listing: 170,000,000 $METAV

Market Capitalization at Listing: $170,000

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 10% at TGE, 1 month cliff then linear vested over 6 months

About MetaVPad

MetaVPad is a platform that is built to fuel the Metaverse — that is, the collection of projects, protocols, and platforms that form an interconnected landscape of products, services, and experiences.

The platform takes the form of a democratized launchpad, that allows users to gain exposure to a range of early-stage projects building in the Metaverse. This will include not only the projects laying down the infrastructure and protocols that will power the Metaverse, but also novel projects that will go on to form to most popular Metaverse services and experiences in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Given that the Metaverse is set to be an incredibly expansive landscape of services, we expect MetaVPad to host IDOs for a broad spectrum of projects.

Unique Features

  • Diverse selection: The Metaverse is set to be as broad as it is deep, and MetaVPad intends to cover each of its main facets. The platform will host IDOs for promising projects building for or in the Metaverse, providing tier holders with access to the first generation of projects that will deliver the next generation of the internet to potentially millions or billions of users.
  • Hand-selected projects: Each project hosted on the platform will be hand-selected and vetted by the heavily experienced MetaVPad team, ensuring that only genuinely promising projects with real utility and long-term potential receive funding. The bar for entry will be high, enforcing a quality over quantity approach to selection.
  • Accessible: Thanks to a tier-based access system, MetaVPad lets essentially anybody gain exposure to the grassroots Metaverse projects. These tiers are divided into three levels: Explorer, Creator, and Architect — allowing users to participate to some degree irrespective of their wealth level, status, or experience.
  • Democratic: MetaVPad wants to ensure that the Metaverse is a democratic, decentralized, and transparent place to relax, have fun, socialize, work, and more. In line with this, all participants receive a guaranteed allocation in every launch, ensuring projects receive a widespread token distribution from the get-go.
  • Deflationary: Inflation isn’t sustainable. You know it, we know it, even the government knows it. In line with this, MetaVPad employs heavily deflationary tokenomics to ensure that the MVPAD token supply decreases (not increases) over the long term. A 10% fee will be applied to all MVPAD sell orders, with 7.5% going to MVPAD stakers and 2.5 burned forever. This, in combination with an up to 25% early unstaking (which is burned), helps to ensure that the MVPAD remains an attractive long-term hold for participants.
  • Tiny initial market capitalization: MetaVPad will launch with a tiny initial market capitalization of just $170,000. This ensures that the market can move to a fair valuation while providing early stakeholders with an opportunity to obtain their tier at the best possible entry price.

What problems does MetaVPad solve?

The Metaverse promises to be an incredibly powerful tool, not just for businesses, but also for individuals — providing a new, enriched medium for business, creativity, and relaxation.

But there’s a problem. Just like the internet of today, corporate titans are looking to secure a stranglehold on the Metaverse, ensuring it develops along the most profitable lines while having little to no regard for those that will actually use the Metaverse.

Huge corporations like Facebook (Meta), Google, and Apple are ramping up spending, with the hopes of being some of the earliest movers in the industry.

But the blockchain industry has other ideas. As a democratic, permissionless, and user-owned landscape of tools and protocols, blockchain-based platforms empower users in ways that were simply not feasible before. Now, the Metaverse industry is about to get the same treatment, thanks to the huge number of crypto startups looking to ensure the Metaverse is developed by the people and for the people.

MetaVPad will play a crucial role in ensuring this happens. By providing a value-adding and secure source of financing for the most promising blockchain-based projects building Metaverse technologies. This ensures that genuinely promising teams, concepts, and initiatives get the funding they need to succeed, while ensuring the users themselves (not massive VCs and corporations) get first access to the early-stage innovations that will power the Metaverse and bring in the users.

This will ensure that the Metaverse starts off on the right foot by incentivizing the development of high-quality, groundbreaking, and user-centric platforms that contribute genuine value and innovation to the space. On the flip side, it helps to isolate dubious, low-quality, and greedy projects.

In essence, MetaVPad ensures that the foundations of the Metaverse are solid and that the users are the ones to benefit most from its growth.

How Does MetaVPad Fit Into the Current Ecosystem?

At BlueZilla, we build products and services designed to offer immense value to users, whether by unlocking new opportunities, addressing an unmet need in the blockchain industry, or pioneering new ways to help our community make the most of their time and resources.

MetaVPad continues this ethos. We want to ensure that the Metaverse is built on top of the next generation of decentralized infrastructure, while ensuring that those that support early-stage Metaverse projects from their earliest days are the ones that benefit from their long-term success.

To help accomplish this, MetaVPad will use a tier based system to ensure anybody, regardless of their individual status, is able to gain exposure to the projects that willl comprise the future of the internet. Every user will get a guaranteed allocation, ensuring nobody is left out.

As arguably one of the most significant innovations of the 21st century, the Metaverse will reshape how we interact with one each other, as well as brands, businesses, and even governments. In time, almost everybody and everything will have a presence in the Metaverse, and the boundaries between the real world and digital one will be blurrier than ever.

With the first pioneers, thinkers, builders, and intrepid explorers of the Metaverse now laying its foundations, we’re excited to see how MetaVPad will help shape it into something truly breathtaking, while delivering its benefits to the BlueZilla community.


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Please note: in order to participate in the IDO, users are required to follow the corresponding KYC guides.








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