Introducing MetaVPad: The Future of the Internet Starts Here

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About MetaVPad

Unique Features

  • Diverse selection: The Metaverse is set to be as broad as it is deep, and MetaVPad intends to cover each of its main facets. The platform will host IDOs for promising projects building for or in the Metaverse, providing tier holders with access to the first generation of projects that will deliver the next generation of the internet to potentially millions or billions of users.
  • Hand-selected projects: Each project hosted on the platform will be hand-selected and vetted by the heavily experienced MetaVPad team, ensuring that only genuinely promising projects with real utility and long-term potential receive funding. The bar for entry will be high, enforcing a quality over quantity approach to selection.
  • Accessible: Thanks to a tier-based access system, MetaVPad lets essentially anybody gain exposure to the grassroots Metaverse projects. These tiers are divided into three levels: Explorer, Creator, and Architect — allowing users to participate to some degree irrespective of their wealth level, status, or experience.
  • Democratic: MetaVPad wants to ensure that the Metaverse is a democratic, decentralized, and transparent place to relax, have fun, socialize, work, and more. In line with this, all participants receive a guaranteed allocation in every launch, ensuring projects receive a widespread token distribution from the get-go.
  • Deflationary: Inflation isn’t sustainable. You know it, we know it, even the government knows it. In line with this, MetaVPad employs heavily deflationary tokenomics to ensure that the MVPAD token supply decreases (not increases) over the long term. A 10% fee will be applied to all MVPAD sell orders, with 7.5% going to MVPAD stakers and 2.5 burned forever. This, in combination with an up to 25% early unstaking (which is burned), helps to ensure that the MVPAD remains an attractive long-term hold for participants.
  • Tiny initial market capitalization: MetaVPad will launch with a tiny initial market capitalization of just $170,000. This ensures that the market can move to a fair valuation while providing early stakeholders with an opportunity to obtain their tier at the best possible entry price.

What problems does MetaVPad solve?

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