When The Market Is Uncertain, BlueZilla THRIVES!

Bitcoin has been making waves for the past 30 days. The entire market is uncertain as FUD looms over our heads, and alt-coins wait for BTC to decide what happens next. Within this sea of precariousness, one incubator lab is pushing new limits, BlueZilla VC. We saw this performance previously in the month of September when we were able to produce multiple 100x returns on projects while the rest of the market was red. It seems BlueZilla has found the secret formula to winning.

As BTC decided to take its most recent dip, BlueZilla incubated 7 projects during November. The highlights include BitOrbit on Nov 4, which produced a staggering 214x on IDO price; and then 8 days later launching PulsePad which recorded a 380x return. In addition, we also saw the launch of 2 gaming projects for the Metaverse, a standout being Velhalla which returned 630x the investment for its participants. GameZone saw its price reach a peak of $1.20.

In early November, NFTLaunch has portioned part of itself to help build the MetaVerse. They also donated a massive $264,000 to charity. A strong pivot has produced a rally in the token price which produced a new All-Time-High of $.41 USD. With many things working and moving behind the scenes, stay tuned to secure your spot in the development of the MetaVerse.

The most recent project that was launched by BlueZilla was carefully formulated to construct the MetaVerse by providing stable incubation, cutting edge marketing and a top-class launch team. MetaVPad, which launched on December 10, reached a massive 1290x returns as the hype for the Metaverse ascends. This project allowed participation on 9 launchpads, enabling every kind of investor to take part in the change coming.

It doesn’t matter which of the numerous launchpads in our ecosystem you participate from, each one is secure in the Blue Bubble. While the market is still deciding its direction, BlueZilla is still planning and executing. With projects lined up for December, the new year shouldn’t be any different. The MetaVerse is garnering attention and gaining traction, look for us to put our own influence on it.

Want more info? Check out any of the launchpads below. Make sure to follow our official channels.














The first officially supported launch pad on the Tron Network

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The first officially supported launch pad on the Tron Network

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